This is one hell of a Tolkien Ebook Bundle from Humble!

I'll add it to the Bundle list tomorrow, but take a look at it today - dozens of scholarly books on aspects of mythology, world-building, language... the only thing it's missing is the Mabinogion.

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Digital Restriction Management (or short #DRM) is preventing us from harnessing the true potential of digital media. It enforces artificial scarcity for the sake of upholding outdated business-models. A better world is possible. Lets build it together. Let's abandon technology which is #DefectiveByDesign

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FOSDEM 2023 will take place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of February 2023. We are aiming for a physical conference at ULB again.

"To effectively resist cooptation and expand our movement, we believe we need to build on the FOSS movement with an explicitly anticapitalist political movement which proactively collaborates with other movements for justice." cooperativetechnology.codeberg

YunoHost is a special version of Linux which makes it much easier to host your own online free open source services. It works on many kinds of hardware including cheap small computers like the Raspberry Pi.

You can follow the project at:

➡️ (main account, in English and French)

➡️ (videos, in French)

More info from the official website at

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